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I have nothing against beautiful massively large homes. However, our societies obsession over bigger homes equals better homes, seems to be dwindling. The state of our economy has made us re-examine our way of life and how we spend our money. People are downsizing! The cost of purchasing, furnishing, upkeep and heating and cooling a large home isn’t ideal right now. Also, as houses grow bigger and bigger, people feel less and less at home.

Here’s to designing smarter, not always larger!

How do we do this? Follow a few of these ideas:

1. Hardest part….Say good bye to clutter!!! Donate or throw anything that is not needed. Emptiness allows the eye to travel someplace and rest.

2. Organize, Organize, Organize. Did I mention Organize?

3. Light neutral colors for the wall. Neutral does not just mean white and beige. Lavenders, greys, soft yellows, the list goes on. It will open a small space.

4. Say GOODBYE to large, heavy and dark window treatments. Go with floor-to-ceiling light and flowy curtains.

5. Get past the idea of small room = a bunch of small furniture. A large piece or two will make your space seem larger.

6. Multi functional products!!! They are the biggest bang for your buck and space!

7. Mirrors and more mirrors. Oldest trick in the book.

For more ideas and products…..

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